7 years & 58000km with my Honda Activa 125: Periodic service update

Main issue was there is an oil leak and when they drained the oil only around 100-150 ml was left.

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Seventeenth Service Update:

I was planning to get Blu serviced during the last week of December or the first week of January, however, in the first week of December Blu was experiencing some excessive vibrations while idling and I decided to push up my schedule and get him serviced at the earliest.

Gave Blue for service at the same place as last time (EVM Honda, Neeramankara, Trivandrum) on 09.12.2023 second Saturday. Due to excessive bookings for service and since I didn't have a booking, SA told me that Blu will be serviced only by Monday and I was okay with it.

The works I wanted done were checking out the vibrations, tightening of brakes, engine oil change and overall tightening of nuts and bolts. I also told them to check for any other issues since Blu has crossed 7 years.

Monday morning I received a call from the SA that listed a few more problems than I expected. Main issue was there is an oil leak and when they drained the oil only around 100-150 ml was left. They wanted to replace the head gasket. Further, the brake cables have become hardened due to age and were replaced along with the levers. The rear suspension bush was shot and got it replaced. The air filter and spark plug were also replaced. The horn switch had popped out earlier and I had put it back. However, since then it needed to be pressed hard for the horn to function and so the switch was also replaced.

Apart from this the usual engine oil change, brake and clutch overhaul were done. I haven't observed any white/ bluish white smoke from the exhaust so the oil leaking into the engine and burning is ruled out for now. May be it was just leaking out due to the faulty seal/ gasket. Point to note is that there was no oil marks on the floor where I park Blu so I didn't know there was a leak. I think the vibrations were due to the less oil since now its not there.

I am relieved that I took Blu for service sooner otherwise I would have ended up with a seized engine. One other good thing is that, due to the AMC pacakge I took last time, I saved about Rs. 700/- from the final bill. So this AMC was worth it. Total Bill amounted to Rs. 3325/- with parts and labour.

The HASS bundled up all the replaced parts (old) and kept it in the under-seat storage which I found out upon reaching home. Now I don't know where I'll dispose these junk. Well, at least I know they replaced the parts.

Some pictures of the 7 year old handsome with over 58k kms on the Odo:

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