8 initial thoughts about my 2023 Hyundai Verna 1.5 Turbo

The seats are pretty comfy, both front and back. I would rank them just behind the Honda City in this regard.

BHPian v.bhomawat recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally got the new Verna delivered (1.5 Turbo SXO, Black).

Some initial thoughts


  1. Pretty impressed with the suspension setup for city driving. Takes bumps and speed breakers so well, that I was pretty surprised. The suspension doesn't make any noise whatsoever unless it's a significant bump.
  2. While high-speed stability is pretty good in a straight line, it still is behind the VW twins. With that being said, for me personally, it was pretty satisfactory considering I usually drive the Next-gen Verna 1.6D and this is definitely an upgrade.
  3. The steering feedback is an upgrade from the previous gen but is still way behind in the segment. I wish it had the steering feedback of the older Fords.
  4. The exhaust note when you are speeding and the engine is revving is pretty sweet. Damn, this car is fast. You won't realize how fast you are going until you actually see the speedo.


  1. Well, I do think the interiors, the quality and the fit and finish are segment-leading. I used to find the dual screen set-up not so likeable but once you actually use it/see it while driving the car, you won't get bothered by the bezels and it is pleasing to see and look at.
  2. The seats are pretty comfy, both front and back; would rank it just behind the City in this regard.

Current annoying points

  1. You can't seem to close the OVRMs if you are not driving below 20 km/hr which is quite weird.
  2. Even after switching off the relevant ADAS functions, it still keeps on saying "children ahead" which is very intrusive.

Will share more thoughts and better pictures as I am taking the car to the hills tomorrow.

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