AC issue in my VW Virtus recurs: Resolving it at 7,500 km inspection

With the temperature rising in the summer, I felt that the cooling of the air-conditioning wasn't up to the mark.

BHPian vividhavasthi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Virtus GT Update

  • Delivery Date: 27th September 2022
  • ODO: ~7450 KM

Small update on the VGT, took the car in for its 7,500km inspection a little early as I was facing AC issues once again… the gas was removed and refilled within the first 1200KM which reduced the hissing noise; but as summer hit north India, I felt the cooling wasn't upto the mark anymore.

List of things I wanted to be fixed/inspected

  • AC
  • Clicking noise when taking a U-turn
  • Regular 7500km checkup


As per spec, the system should have 460gm of gas, upon checking my car, it turned out to have much less than the 460gm, it had 398gm of gas in the system. This did explain why the cooling wasn't as good as it was expected to be. The system was vacuumed again, 460gm filled + 10ml of oil, and this time around, a dye was added to the system to help identify if any leak was present. Was told to drive around for a few weeks and check if the cooling has reduced. So far I have not felt the cooling reduce as it has started to rain and get cool once again in Delhi. Will get this inspected at a later date.

Clicking Noise

This was diagnosed as the steering clock spring, was told that it is possible that some dust/debris may have entered the system (which I didn't buy), and as the part was not in stock, to continue driving the car as the noise “could” go away on its own. I will get this fixed in the coming weeks.

Regular 7500km checkup

Air filter inside and outside cleaned up, service reminders reset and not a lot else was done, I skipped the wash as it takes an hour to get that done. They did not lift the car and inspect the suspension or brakes during this visit.

Took about 3 hours to get the above done at VW Noida, nothing else to report at this time. The driver window fix seems to be working, however, the driver side window is SLOW compared to the others, it takes a full 2-3 seconds more to fully open / close compared to the passenger side, VW Noida is not lubricating the window at this time as they have not got the go-ahead from the factory to do so.

Apart from this, the car continues to put a smile on my face every time I squeeze the throttle.

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