Audi A4 test drive and a complimentary ride in the RS5

After this special experience when I drove my Volkswagen Vento, I felt like someone's dragging the car from behind.

BHPian JoshMachine recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got to know that the Audi A4 is now moved into the seller's market, at least for the next 2-3 months. No ready inventory is available in Pune (and probably most of the West India zone area as well), which means buyers won't have the sweet deals that were available off the shelf till recently.

One will have to wait till Jan/Feb'22 when the stocks will start again filling up, and that too on a priority demand basis, is what I was told. That means the next set of discounts should start pouring in by March'22.

Also, took the opportunity to do a longish test drive of the A4, and, boy, was I blown away!

All this while, I have been only hearing about the super-carpet ride of the A4. But when I experienced it myself, I was thoroughly impressed.

The demo car in silver, and it looked gorgeous both from outside-in + inside-out:

I took the test drive car (3000-odd km driven, very well maintained Navarra Blue with beige interior, Technology variant) for a longish 25-30 km drive on all types of roads - paved/non-paved/concrete/potholed/pebbled etc. Also, encountered some large speed-breakers on the service road. But not once did I flinch or felt the undulations or any sort of wobbly behaviour. Very plush and pliant.

The DSG coupled with the TFSI engine was super smooth, took off without any fuss.

Would give top marks to the brilliant engineering.

Everything inside felt like built to last - the knurled knobs, the sun blinds on the rear windows, the AC vent controls, etc., all buttons had a nice but firm resistance which made them feel kind of ultra-premium.

All in all, I would definitely consider this as a candidate for my upgrade.

And to make the entire experience even more special, look what I was offered as a complimentary ride:

Yes sir, the sexy RS5 Sportback in Turbo Blue!

I was just gushing like a kid who had been gifted a brand new Hot Wheels collection, with only 1 difference - these wheels had 450 horses for company!

After all this pumped-up drama, when I went back to driving the poor man's DSG in my Vento, I literally felt like somebody was dragging the car from behind. I double-checked if the parking brake was ON!

Such was the anti-climax of experiencing a 105 hp Vento after experiencing the madness of a 450 hp Sportback beautiful piece of art.

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