Bangalore: Shoffr airport cab service; an alternative to Ola/Uber

Shoffr is an all-electric taxi company that operates airport pick / drop services in Bangalore.

If you are the kind of person who flies into Bangalore often, you would probably agree that the airport cab service leaves a lot to be desired. Although there are multiple options to choose from, there are still quite a few rough edges.

In a market dominated by Ola Cabs and Uber, Vikas Bardia and Kislay Verma saw an opportunity and co-founded the startup called Shoffr

According to Verma, getting to and from Bangalore airport can be a nightmare not just because of the traffic, but commuters also face last-minute cancellations, dirty cars, and loud drivers. Shoffr is said to address the shortcomings of the established players in the market.

Shoffr is an all-electric taxi company which was founded in November 2022. It currently operates a fleet of BYD e6 electric MPVs. Each vehicle is stocked with water bottles, mints and more.

The company claims to offer a more comfortable and peaceful experience. Its chauffeurs are said to be incentivized for good behaviour rather than only trips / revenue.

Shoffr currently operates airport pickup / drop services in Bangalore only.

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