Battery of my 5-month-old VW Polo drained: What to do now

When I drove my car for around 28 km a fortnight ago, there were no signs of a battery discharge.

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Hello everyone,

My 5-month-old Polo's battery has drained, but everything works fine just the engine cannot be cranked. 16 days back it was driven for 28kms and showed no signs of discharge. Is it normal for a 5-month-old battery to die this soon? Is it advisable to push start the car as it is a manual?

(The vehicle is sparsely driven, usually within a gap of 15 days)

This is what the VWConnect app shows, also this app has a mind of its own. Earlier it used to be accurate but now it seems to have lost interest.

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I would propose to invoke RSA. Anyway, your battery is covered for 2 years.

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This isn't normal, please contact your dealer or workshop associated. As mentioned, it should be covered under warranty.

Just to be sure, is there any electrical modification on the car?

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Friend, I think you have not read GTO's thread on how German cars get affected by using a weak battery.

Get the same replaced ASAP before any expensive electrical equipment goes for a spin.

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