Car guys show up in Camaro, Challenger, Corvette at Muscle Car meet up

There were other vehicles present too including a Trans-Am and an old Chevy.

BHPian AKTransAM recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

We've had a great spell of weather here lately-this is a temperate rainforest zone, so even a straight week of sunny weather counts as great! This whole week was sunny and quite warm, and luckily the sunshine spread into the weekend and looks like it's going to continue for next week.

Since Friday evening (last night) was great, a last-minute meet was set up, so not everyone showed up. This place is quite amazing when it's sunny and warm. It was 80 degrees when we met yesterday, so quite hot.

Just wanted to post some of the cool cars that did show up yesterday. A lot more showed up last week, but of course, I didn't take pics. I'm one of maybe 3 people in town who drive their muscle cars all Summer, regardless of crappy rainy and stormy weather, which is generally a lot of the Summer here. Most of these guys don't even get their cars out unless it's sunny and dry.

My friend's beautiful 69 Camaro that he's had since high school (probably 3 decades)

Another friend's 1980 Camaro Z28, with the cowl induction setup on the hood. There's a rear facing flap that faces the driver on that bulge, which opens up with WOT. T-tops are always fun.

Another modern Camaro

New Corvette, as in 2023. Not something I'd ever want, but quite a good design.

My kind of cars heh heh. My 77 Trans-Am and my buddy's 79 Trans-Am

Dodge Challenger. Immaculate. I do like these cars, even if they're too modern for me

The legendary hawkbill front end of the Trans-Am

Beautiful and immaculate old Chevy

This 67 (I think) El Camino has an insane drag strip capable engine putting out over 750 hp

Another view of the 1980 Z28

Great view from my hood of the 69 Camaro down the highway. You can notice the hood scoop flap in mine opening up. That's really fun to watch when you accelerate and the flap opens up in response to vacuum and engine air demand.

The classic view on a sunny day!

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