Clocked 40000 km in just 1.5 yrs on my MG Hector diesel: General update

Lately, I've been using the SUV for highway driving only and getting a consistent fuel efficiency of 20 km/l.

BHPian Sedate driver recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

2022 MG Hector Diesel: 40000 km update

In just about 1 year and 6 months, my Hector has reached the 40000 km mark. So far not faced any issues or niggles with the car and have not observed any DPF issues either. The car is due for the 5th service at 45000 kms. Otherwise, the car is running fine and no vibrations or rattles are observed. The NVH levels are excellent and sometimes when cruising at 80-90 on good roads, there is absolute silence in the cabin but for a faint engine grunt. The diesel remains a diesel only on the outside with a truck-like sound. Inside the sound insulation is excellent.

The car has returned an average FE of 19.4 kmpl which is an excellent figure considering the size and weight of the car. Of late I have been using the Hector for only highway trips and getting consistent mileage of 20+ tank full to tank full.

The 60L tank gives an approximate range of 1000+ for my style of driving. As you can see below, after running 910 kms there is still a range left at 328 kms.

Overall the Hector provides a good value-for-money proposition with respect to features, space, premium feeling etc.

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