Detailed report: Maruti replaces the defective ISG of my XL6

There are positive improvements post change, mileage seems to have gone up significantly, boost/assist time is higher and the idle stop time has also doubled.

BHPian Leoshashi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Update: Went through the replacement. Mine was the first car to come today, and hence got out first too. The replacement part was fairly easy. It was the paperwork(or tab work) which took time. The entire process is:

Reaching early:

Scanning VIN, Bar code of Old ISG:

  • If your car is a part of the recall, it throws a message, "ISG is defective, replace ISG".
  • Then the new MGU kit comes in, which consists of New MGU, Couple of Exhaust seals, axle nut and couple of gear oil drain bolts.

New ISG:

Since mine was the first car, they worked exactly as per SOP given in their training and no shortcut was taken. The car was taken in and hoisted on the lift:

The removal process from the engine bay side included disconnection of negative terminal of battery, removal of air filter box and disconnection of connector nut of the ISG from top. After this, the car was lifted all the way up.

Once in the air, they removed the RH wheel, engine guard and RH fender trim. The gear oil was drained and collected in a clean can the workshop had kept ready.

The mechanic then disconnected the lower arm bolt from knuckle, removed the front exhaust pipe and driveshaft was taken out after undoing the three bolts. Ensure care is taken for the RH oil seal.

The ISG belt tension is released. It wasn't removed.

The ISG mounting bolts were removed and the old ISG with tensioner bearing came out.

The tensioner bearing was checked for free movement and swapped to the new ISG. It was then mounted and belt was put back on.

Driveshaft was put back, ensure oil seal isn't damaged here.

The black thing is the dreaded oil seal:

All parts were assembled back in the order, new exhaust seals and axle nut was used.

The collected gear oil was poured in and new drain nuts were put in.

The car was moved to an empty bay since there were many Ertigas lined up for today. They then had to update the ECM. There was an update for the auxiliary power module. They had to clear all existing DTCs and then move the car to sunlight so that sun load sensor doesn't throw a code.

The ISG's pin port was destroyed as per instructions (so that it isn't reused by any vendor or sold in the scrap market), the old parts packed and the job card number and my car's number was mentioned on the carton (Pic courtesy, a friend from the Ciaz group).

At last, the job was done. The system initially just kept charging on deceleration but there was no torque assist function or Auto start stop.

However after driving a bit, the battery got fully recharged and then thesystem worked normally:

Some important points:

  • The job took an hour to complete.
  • The mechanics and everyone is decently trained about the process.
  • I went in fully prepared, with empty clean cans to collect oil, torque wrenches and regular supplies. However, I was surprised to see the workshop equally well prepared and they didn't need any of my supplies. Every single bolt was torqued as per specs using their digital torque wrench.

Apparently there is a way to open the rear engine mount and try to wiggle out the ISG. That saves the effort of removing the driveshaft. A friendly BHPian did ping me well in time, but the WM declined going that way, since it has been strictly told in their training not to try that method. The ISG is very sensitive to even mild knocks and that way is a bit risky since the clearance is quite tight with other components.

Also in Ertigas/XL6s, there is room for the ISG to be removed from rear. A lot many more methods are coming to light. Whichever method is followed, ensure the ISG doesn't get knocked around or brush against other components while going in.

By the time I came out, the workshop was filled with Ertigas for ISG replacement. Better to take appointment in advance and reach early. Have a look:

WM Sir was present all along, Thanks a lot, since his involvement ensured all protocols were followed.

Due to rush, it's better to take prior appointment with your workshop manager and then go in early. In the morning, mechanics are fresh and work properly compared to say evening when they are already tired.

There are positive improvements post change, mileage seems to have gone up significantly, boost/assist time is higher and the idle stop time has also doubled.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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