F1: Las Vegas prepares for the 2023 Grand Prix spectacle

The 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix is scheduled to take place between the 16th - 18th of November.

Formula One is all set to head to Las Vegas, USA. The brand-new track will play host to F1's penultimate race of the 2023 season.

The 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix is scheduled to take place between the 16th - 18th of November. The Grand Prix weekend will feature a night race on a street track, which includes the famous Las Vegas Strip.

While the Grand Prix itself promises to be a spectacle, preparations for the race over the last few months have left many residents and tourists in a bit of a bother. As per 8NewsNow, the construction of the FormulaOne track has led to various roads being blocked, many trees being cut down and most of the iconic landmarks covered behind temporary grandstands and scaffolding. This includes the famed fountains of the Bellagio & Ceaser's Palace, the Volcano of The Mirage and the likes. Reports even stated that 'The Venetian' has drained out the water from its canals to allow for the construction of F1 viewing platforms.

Reports from Insider, state that tourists in Las Vegas are upset with the ongoing construction for F1. Many took to social media to state their displeasure and how their ill-timed visit has left them unable to view any of the main attractions. Some tourists also mentioned how the Las Vegas Boulevard is almost unrecognisable, amidst the upcoming Grand Prix preparations.

Further, the Review-Journal reported how the police have placed view-blocking film over the pedestrian-crossing bridges - which are reportedly being torn down by people in protest. Reports mention how the city is trying to ensure that the only way to watch the F1 race in Las Vegas is by actually paying.

Red Bull F1 team driver & 2023 World Champion, Max Verstappen, recently commented, "We are there more for the show than the race itself."

Apart from the preparations, reports also mention how the race being scheduled at 10 pm local time, could be the coldest of the season.

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