Few Honda Elevate issues that I observed in 25 days and 1000 km

I have compared a few things with my friend's 2023 Kia Seltos facelift and my family's 2016 Tata Tiago.

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Just got the first servicing done. Clocked 1000 km in about 25 days. Did a road trip to Chikkamagalur (from Bangalore). There are many posts here that list down the pros of this car. Let me list down some cons. Note that I will be comparing a few things with my friend's Kia Seltos (facelift) in which I have spent some time, and a few things with the family Tata Tiago (2016, XZ).

  • A 360-degree camera is required in this car. At least front parking sensors should have been given. The bonnet visibility is great for driving on open roads, but the same becomes a major con when trying to park in tight spaces. I really wish that a 360-degree camera and front parking sensors were available as official accessories in the near future.
  • The infotainment system feels aftermarket (it's from Alpine). Don't get me wrong - it is very responsive and has great visibility even in direct sunlight. However, it's not integrated well with the car. Example: the ADAS and other driver-related settings can only be modified from the driver information interface and not the infotainment system. This is in comparison to Kia's implementation where the settings can be accessed in both.
  • Wireless Android Auto has disconnected for me three times so far. This is a known issue. The only way to reconnect was to stop the car and restart the entire car. I did not find a way to restart just the infotainment unit while the car is still running. Or am I missing something?
  • The windshield washer spray range is not sufficient at all and is quite disappointing. I am comparing this to our Tata Tiago. Is this the case for others as well? Or is it just my unit?
  • There is no play/pause button - neither on the steering wheel nor on the infotainment screen. Why?! Our 2016 Tata Tiago has it! There are empty button slots on the steering wheel on the right side so it could have been easily given. Note: double-clicking the power button on the infotainment screen behaves as mute/unmute.
  • The Honda Connect app is very basic. It's miles behind Kia's app. The features mostly work but the app is not as polished. Example 1: I tried the fuel log feature - it forces me to input unnecessary details such as city, odometer reading, fuel liters, cost. Example 2: the GPS signal is updated only when the engine is on, unlike the Kia Seltos where the GPS signal is always on.
  • The horn is quite basic and meek. Has anyone done or is planning to do a horn upgrade?

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This happened to me a few times and I was able to get it to reconnect by just going into BT settings for the device-specific to the phone on the Infotainment system and toggling Android Auto.

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I got those 2 horns removed and replaced them with Hella trumpet horns. Sounds like Kia horns now. Got this done by the Honda accessory guy.

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A 360-degree camera is being offered as an accessory by my Honda dealer and was listed in their accessory list paperwork. Please check with yours. Dont know if it's an official accessory though. I am planning to inspect it when the car gets delivered and then make a decision.

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