Fiat encourages customers to buy colourful cars

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Fiat to become "the brand of colours", coming from "the land of colour".

According to reports, Fiat has decided to stop offering the colour Grey as an option on its cars, allowing customers to choose more colourful alternatives.

The carmaker recently held a campaign wherein Fiat's upcoming fully-electric 600e model was colour-dipped in a huge bucket with the company's CEO sitting behind the wheel. The video campaign, called "Operation No Grey", also had the CEO explaining why Fiat took the decision to stop offering Grey - one of the most popular colour choices among Fiat cars. He stated that the decision to stop offering Grey was despite knowing that it is "an easy sell".

Olivier Francois, CEO of Fiat, stated that he wants the absence of Grey to become "a distinctive feature of Fiat cars". He also wants Fiat to become "the brand of colours", coming from "the land of colour". Francois went on to state that current and future models from the brand will have colour shades inspired by the sea, sun, earth and sky of Italy. The carmaker has already started offering certain examples on some of its models like the 500e, 500 Hybrid, 500X, Panda & Tipo. These new paint schemes are called Gelato White, Sicilia Orange, Paprika Orange, Passione Red, Blu Dipinto di Blu, Italia Blue, Venezia Blue, Rugiada Green, Foresta Green, Rose Gold and Cinema Black - all referencing to Fiat's country of origin, Italy.

One of the first models to not offer a Grey colour scheme will be the upcoming Fiat 600e. The carmaker has announced that the full-electric offering will make its official debut on July 4, 2023. The date has a historic significance as the Fiat 500 originally debuted on July 4, 1957, while its modern iteration was unveiled on the same date in 2007.

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