Ford EVs could get a burnout mode soon

The Mustang Mach-E could be the first recipient of the tech, if Ford does make it available to customers.

Ford is working on a burnout mode for its electric vehicles. The American car giant has filed a patent, which describes it as "an electric vehicle performance mode with intentional wheel spin for tyre heating". The mode is similar to the line lock offered on RWD Ford Mustangs.

As per the patent document, the mode will brake the EV's front wheels while applying torque to the rear axle. However, reports state that the tech will also allow the rear wheel to brake while the front wheels perform a burnout. There could be a sequential manoeuvre in which both front and rear axles are spun one after the other, all while manipulating the brake and accelerator pedal.

The patent also mentions that the burnout mode doesn't currently have an official name but is achievable with existing hardware on various vehicles via a simple software update. This new tech, if introduced, could be branded as a gimmick by some, rarely used in the right environment. However, reports suggest that it might be Ford's way of bridging the gap between ICE cars and EVs, especially to create some sort of engagement when driving an EV.

The images in the patent are sketches of the Mustang Mach-E, indicating that the electric SUV could be the first recipient of the tech if Ford does make it available to customers.

Source: CarBuzz

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