Ford Figo: Horrendous experience getting the AC fixed at an FNG

I spent 2 days, double the initial estimate, got stranded, and the AC shop washed off their hand saying the key getting decoded is not their making.

BHPian HTC recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally, My Figo went for an AC blower change. I checked with FORD service and they said I have to leave the car for 3 full days with them. They didn't even connect me with their service advisors to know the approximate cost. So I dropped the authorized service option. Next up was a private car garage near Turahalli forest road (AMS service). They had diagnosed the blower issue and quited 2K for removal and fitting of dashboard plus the cost of spare blower. around 6-7k. Lastly, I made up my mind to get it done at Aditya Car AC in koramangala. From forum discussions and google reviews -felt it was a good idea to go to them as they only work on AC and are experts.

On checking with them, I was told they would need 2 hours to complete the job. Since they didn't have a FORD OEM AC blower, I ordered the exact part number from Boodmo and took it to them at around 4pm. work started at brisk pace and 2-3 guys quickly dismantled the steering and dashboard. All the removed trims were arranged in order inside the shop. I used the opportunity to clean the fine dust off the dashboard internals and trims. Till 8PM they kept on trying to fix the new blower unsuccessfully. Then they told me that the new blower is not aligning to the screw holes perfectly and hence they are not able to fix it. I was surprised as I had ordered a proper OEM spare part. Since it was the 9th day after delivery, I immediately initiated a return with boodmo. Took a video of alignment issue as proof if boodmo declines the refund. Fortunately, they refunded the amount.

The AC shop had a spare blower of FORD brand. Since they had removed the dashboard, I agreed to go ahead and install their spare ac blower. After refitting the dashboard, they took it for a test ride and I don't know what happened, they came back pushing the car. Said they need the spare key to start the car. Since I wasn't carrying the spare key with me, I left the car with them and went home by uber at 10 pm.

Next day morning, I reached there by 10am with the spare key. They did something and asked me to go for a test ride and handed over the car to me. I was near Banashankari bus stand and when the car went on a road hump, it stalled and the car refused to start after that. Was getting the engine lock symbol(immobilizer) alert. Called AC shop guys and they asked me to disconnect the battery and connect and try again. Did everything and nothing worked. Then they gave a couple of car scanner contacts and one guy agreed to attend. He came and reprogrammed the key. By the time I reached home, it was 3pm.

Post this repair, the car was idle for 2 weeks and when I took it out a couple of days back, on the way to the office - smoke started coming from the bonnet. I switched off the car and opened the bonnet to see what had happened. There was green liquid sprayed in the engine bay and a little amount on the road too. I switched off the AC and took it to a nearby garage. Mech there told, it is AC liquid and asked to get it checked at the AC shop itself. He said it is safe to drive with the AC switched off. I went again to Aditya AC. They asked to switch-on the AC and keep it running for 5-10 mins. Said nothing to worry and the green liquid is compressor oil which is sprayed from the AC pressure valve if the radiator fan doesn't work properly and overheating happens. He asked to get the fan functioning from an auto electrical shop. Overall an adventurous journey, just to change an AC blower costing only 3000/- bucks.

In all I spent 12K as below,

  • 8k - AC blower + fitting + gas/oil top up
  • 1k - uber charges
  • 3k - key reprogramming ( I am assuming, key got decoded during dashboard removal and fitting process. As till then keys were perfectly working fine).

Lessons learnt

For jobs requiring removal of dashboard etc, better go with authorized service centers. I spent 2 days, double the initial estimate, got stranded, and the AC shop washed off their hand saying the key getting decoded is not their making. If not bad taste, the whole experience didn't leave a good taste to go again for any major work with them.

Hope this helps someone looking for AC repair.

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