Fraudsters taking fake bookings for the Ola E-Scooter

The fraudster promised my friend that 'you can easily get the S1 Pro within 3 weeks if you pay 50% now & 50% at the time of delivery.’

Harshal A. Naik recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


The attached pic is the fake invoice received by my friend who is desperately willing to buy an Ola e-scooter.

After reserving S1 Pro, he was searching on Google about the delivery schedule. There he jumped onto a fraud link & received a quick call.

The fraudster promised my friend that 'you can easily get the S1 Pro within 3 weeks if you pay 50% now & 50% at the time of delivery.’

And he received this invoice copy & he asked me to cross-check.

I immediately told my friend that this is a very, very fake invoice & do not open any link & do not pay any amount.

We can see in the attached pic:

  • Company name is wrong. The company’s legal name is - Ola Electric Mobility Pvt Ltd.
  • Company address & pin code is wrong/mismatching.
  • GST no. is wrong. It should be 15 digits & not 16.
  • Most importantly, how come any company will deliver expensive stuff like automobiles on a "COD basis"?

This is very much kind of a 'Jamtara Online Scam Module' now targeting Ola e-scooter customers. And these guys are happy even if they get 2-3 thousand Rupees.

Here's what BHPian Rajeevraj had to say about the matter:

Wow. I don't understand why there is so much hype about the Ola E-Scooter. Of course, it is a great initiative and has the potential to be an inflection point in the Electric Scooter Landscape. Having said that, it is a new product from a company doing this for the first time and as far as I have seen, does not have anything path-breaking over say what an Ather offers today. The constantly shifting test drive and delivery schedules is a clear indicator that Ola is working through some challenges before they are ready to scale out.

Glad that this scam has been quickly brought to light. Hope Ola also clearly puts out some messaging around this and also keeps the potential customers regularly informed about the status.

I may be wrong here, but the marketing blitz around E Scooters seems to have created an impression that it is a revolutionary new form of transportation. Hope all customers make themselves clear on what an E Scooter offers and what it cannot before committing to the purchase.

Here's what BHPian abhishek46 had to say about the matter:

My First question would be, why so much 'desperation' to get an Ola S1 scooter?

It’s not like it is the 'only' form of transportation, in existence today.

I understand, it has some good specs & runs on a battery.

I also understand that a lot of interested people have booked the vehicle by paying a small amount.

So, why not wait a bit, and let the manufacturer do its job.

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