Gearbox & suspension issues in my Kia Seltos 1.4 turbo DCT

Since the last 4 months I've noticed a slight jerk randomly when the gears are shifting.

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I purchased by 1.4 Turbo 7DCT Seltos in Dec 2019. In early 2021 I had an issue with the gearbox, the car was jumping gears from 1 to 3/4. We were told it was a gearbox issue and it was fixed under the warranty.

Late last summer my from left suspension started making noises and we had to pay for the replacement. However the issue didn't go away for until another month or two even after sending the car multiple times to the service center when they kept saying the issue is resolved when it clearly wasn't. This January they've mentioned that the suspension that was changed had an issue with it, so the replaced the new suspension again.

Since the last 4 months I've noticed a slight jerk randomly when the gears are shifting. My driver who drives the car most of the time didn't notice but I could initially. During the suspension issue, even though I've complained on the gear jerk, they couldn't replicate it during the test drives. The issue has creeped in a lot more in late Feb and we've sent the car back to service center couple of weeks ago and I was told that there's an issue with the clutch plates which are worth around 1.4L (what I was told verbally) and they will be replaced under the warranty. The car has been sitting at the workshop for almost two weeks now and I'm expecting the car back this week.

Luckily I'm in the warranty period of the car as it's my 3rd year, I don't know if I can still get the extended warranty but I'm considering it now seeing all the issues I'm facing in the first couple of years.

I just want to give you all a heads up to the issues I've gone through and hopefully none of you will have to.

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