GM releases image of Cruise AV self-driving vehicle


General Motors has released an image of the Cruise AV - its fourth-generation autonomous vehicle. The production-ready model uses an electric drivetrain. Unlike conventional automobiles, it doesn't have a steering wheel or a set of pedals. 

While General Motors hasn't released images of the exterior of the Cruise AV, the company has provided a picture of its interior. What is most noticeable is that the car has not got a steering wheel, pedals or even an IRVM. Instead, it has a windshield-mounted module that is expected to house cameras and radars used by the self-driving system. Further, the Cruise AV is expected to travel within geo-fenced areas and users will be able to summon the vehicle using their smartphones.

The car has a conventional dashboard with a dual-tone colour scheme and a V-shaped centre console that houses a touchscreen and switches for the infotainment system, air-conditioning and a button for the hazard lights. The horizontal central air-conditioning vents are positioned above the touchscreen, while two more vents have been provided at either end of the dashboard. Two cup holders can be seen between the seats, which have black leather upholstery with red stitching. 

The Cruise AV has been developed by Cruise Automation, a Silicon Valley startup, which General Motors acquired back in 2016. General Motors is expected to put the car into production in 2019 and hopes to roll out the vehicle in at least 7 US states.

Source: Business Insider

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