Google digital car key: unlock your car using a smartphone

Google has revealed their new 'digital car key' feature, which will allow car owners to lock / unlock their vehicles using their smartphones.

Recently, Google held its developer conference in which, it showcased a new feature called the 'digital car key'. This new feature, which will be rolled out with the upcoming Android 12 operating software, will allow users to lock, unlock and start their car with their smartphones.

While Google has not revealed the exact details of how the system works, it did state that the feature will make use of technologies such as Near Field Communications (NFC) and Ultra Wide Band (UWB). Both these technologies will allow users to just tap their smartphones over the cars' door handles, to either lock or unlock the vehicles.

Google also stated that the digital car key feature can be shared in a secure manner with friends and family, when a car is borrowed.

The company states that the digital car key will help in lightening users' pockets, removing the necessity of carrying bulky key fobs whenever heading out. However, the new feature will initially be available only on high-end smartphones from Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy series.

BMW has partnered with Google and could introduce this feature (at a premium) on a future model. However, neither Google, nor BMW mentioned the exact model that would debut this feature.

This isn't the first time such a feature has been announced. Back in 2020, Apple had announced its version of the 'Car Key', compatible with its iPhone and watch devices.

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