Honda CB500X: My Initial Observations

Visually, the Honda CB500X can hold its own against most middleweights. Side by side with my Street Triple 675, it didn't look out of place.

BHPian neil.jericho recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

While waiting for the CB650R test ride unit to be wheeled out, I had a quick look at the test ride unit of the Honda CB500X. Unfortunately, the rear tire was completely worn out, so I didn’t take a test ride of the CB500X.

Here are some of my initial observations of the Honda CB500X.

  • The bike has a presence. Say what you will about the bike being underpowered and too expensive, but in person, the bike does have a good presence.
  • The seating position is nice and comfortable.
  • Everything looks and feels functional. This bike has been engineered with a purpose.
  • The only thing that I didn’t like is that the lockset is directly behind the handlebar. It isn’t very ergonomically placed. Maybe I’m nitpicking.
  • The quality of the switchgear felt fine. Again, functional rather than premium.
  • The windscreen seems quite tall.
  • Honda's insistence to switch the horn and indicator buttons remains baffling to me.
  • The front brake lever is adjustable while the clutch lever isn’t. I can’t get over how soft the clutch action is. Definitely the softest clutch action on any big bike that I have sat on or ridden.
  • The suspension feels soft. How well it manages Indian conditions, is something that I am keen to find out.
  • Side by side with my Street Triple 675, the CB500X didn’t look out of place. Visually, it can hold its own against most middleweights.

View from the helmet. Notice the position of the lockset.

Mirrors aren't stylish but they are functional.

Why not just give us the horn and indicator buttons at the right positions, Honda?

The headlight has a lot of design elements to it, but it doesn't add to the visual mass of the bike.

Super light!

5-step adjustable front brake lever

Side by side with a naked hooligan

A non-biker would think that the CB500X looks as powerful as my Street Triple 675.

Here's what BHPian aargee had to say about the matter:

Except for the price, there's nothing to complain about the motorcycle. Anything over 5L for this bike is atrociously extortionate; period! The rest of the factors are all more than worthy.

And again, it's not about affordability, it's about the value that we get in return for what we're paying; the competition just gets better & better without them having to do anything.

Maybe HMSI wants low volume on sales but higher margins on every CB500X sold.

Here's what BHPian sandeepmohan had to say about the matter:


I won't call it underpowered. It’s close to 50 horses and has a parallel twin which should make it an effortless ride. Combine this with a fuel tank that can take close to 18-litre of gas and you're looking at a good range between refills. At least 500 km at the minimum.

The dials are also comprehensive.

For the asking price, this bike should do well.

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