How I made my Mahindra Thar 700 almost as powerful as the new Thar

While driving my SUV, I feel that the throttle response is slightly better due to the relatively lighter CRDe engine.

BHPian abhikb recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

ECU remap update

Got the 3507 remapped with Stage 1 tune from T8 performance. Over the years the slow low-end torque had gotten onto the nerves and hence decided to bite the bait.

On paper, T8 claims to offer a power and torque figure of 135bhp/290NM respectively. These figures are almost similar to that of the new Thar but the throttle response is slightly better due to CRDe having lesser weight than the new Thar.

The Thar now pulls up from 1500-1600 rpm and in-gear acceleration is also better than before. So, primarily it’s much eager to catch up once the momentum is broken while on highways or hills.

It has been more than 4000 Kms since the remap and the issue with slow low-end torque is addressed to a large extent.

In the meantime, also got two new pairs of tyres for the front, the same stock setup Bridgestone duelers HT 235/70/R16. The front tyres still had 50% life so shifted them to the rear, surprisingly the rear tyres have worn out faster than the front ones. Let’s see shall plan a tyre upgrade around 65-70k km.

The ODO as of now stands at 57,656 Kms over a period of 3.5 years of ownership and the major service shall be at 60k Kms. With my new assignments coming up after a couple of months, the monthly usage is about to rise with an average running of 2-3k Kms a month.

Till then happily, mile munching with this beauty.

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