How to improve the braking performance of my Suzuki Gixxer SF

My wife will be using this motorcycle to learn to ride & commute to her workplace & I am planning to get a new one.

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Hello folks!

I own a Suzuki Gixxer SF Fi DD from 2017 and was looking for some aftermarket brakes to upgrade my dull braking experience from the probably worn-out brakes that I currently have.

I am also looking to upgrade my bike in the near future (I've pretty much outgrown my bike), however, my wife is interested in riding too and will be using my current bike to learn and to commute to her workplace, so I don't mind spending a little to improve my bike.

Feel free to drop thoughts related to other ways to improve my bike on not too expensive a budget.


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You can improve your brakes by:

  • Using braided brake lines. Since yours is a non-ABS model you would need to consider the brake line length when buying a braided brake line.
  • Change the brake fluid if it has not been done for more than 2 years. It will also depend on environmental conditions where you ride, brake fluid degrades more quickly in humid conditions.
  • Check for different brake pad materials. Sintered pads are the easiest way to get more stopping power.
  • Use a bigger rotor from the 250. You can use your present caliper but you will have to change the mounting plate to match the bigger disc.

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Just moving over to sintered brake pads from EBC made a significant difference to a friend's Duke 390. That's a simple change to try out.

Before any of this, do check the condition of your discs too.

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If your brakes haven't been worked on in a couple of years, then:

  • Check if there's any brake fluid leak. If yes, you can think about replacing the brake line. If not, keep it for now.
  • Bleed out the brake fluid, and make sure the job is done right. (use DOT 4)
  • Replace worn-out pads with stock ones.

This should bring back the braking to good levels on the cheap. Since you mentioned it'll likely be ridden by your wife, I'd suggest not going with braking that's too sharp, especially on a non-ABS bike. The stock brake on the Gixxer is beginner friendly and good enough.

In case you're unsatisfied with it, you can consider spending more on everything pointed out in the replies above. Aftermarket lines, pads, different master cylinders, rotors, etc.

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