How PPF saved me from a door panel repaint on my Mahindra XUV 700

Total cost of replacing the PPF, just Rs. 2,000 including labour.

BHPian Tanmy007 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Importance of PPF

Got a nasty scratch on the rear right side, probably some biker brushed against in traffic. The impact was enough to penetrate and tear through the PPF.

After replacing that door's PPF -- as good as new! The damage didn't reach the paint and PPF totally saved the original paint and prevented a paint job.

Total cost of replacing the PPF, just Rs. 2000 including labour.

Here's what BHPian madnish30 had to say on the matter:

Any paint peel? That's a common criticism that when one removes a well settled PPF the paint comes off with it. I am on the fence for PPF.

Here's what BHPian smartomotive had to say on the matter:

This looks good and I've been thinking of getting it done too.

However, recently I got the panel painting done for the right side of the bumper which had a fair bit of scratches due to a minor accident and it cost me about 4k (the actual painting was 2.9k, just taxes + washing they included).

And while I thought it'll look like a patch after it's done, I was surprised to see the finishing done (very clean job, no one can tell repainting is done ever).

So after this experience, I'm thinking what other benefits would a PPF provide considering you can get the repainting done wherever required and no need to spend upfront.

P.S. Mine's Midnight Black, So the scratches were quite big and visible

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