Hyundai Tucson Petrol: Initial impressions after first 1,000 kms

Ditched diesel for the strict NGT norms in NCR.

BHPian mkv recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got my Hyundai Tucson delivered on 12th April 2024

Ditched diesel for the strict NGT norms in NCR.

Initial impressions from the first 1000 KMs drive:

  • Buttery smooth engine which makes the whole drive effortless.
  • Light-footed pedal can take you linearly up to 90 KMPH.
  • Got up to 14.4 KMPL for my 30 KM home-to-office drive. The city drives fetches me up to 9-10 KMPL.
  • Plush interiors especially the symmetric metal design philosophy around the dashboard and doors which also comprise the air diffusers. I personally feel the upcoming 2025 facelift distorted this feel for accommodating a long joint screen
  • The family is super happy to fit in the rear reclining seats with a panoramic sunroof view. Got a huge space and a big deep boot
  • The front headlights I feel do have a bit less flux and a projector-based setup would have helped. However, the visibility is not bad with the reflector setup.
  • The auto pop-up 360-degree view in tight spaces and in traffic is a boon. Also, it's making me relearn myself to keep a safe distance between cars and bumpers.

Overall a pleasant experience so far. Waiting eagerly for a long drive review.

Attaching pics from PDI and post-delivery few shots that I managed to capture.

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