Hyundai Verna diesel AT: 8 years of flawless ownership

Overall maintenance costs are on par with my Maruti Swift diesel.

BHPian santosh_lv recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I bought this car in early Aug 2014 and I have shared my first impressions and a short review of the newbie here.

I want to take some time this Friday evening and share my 8-year journey with the Hyundai family, specifically the Fluidic Verna Diesel AT. At the end of this, I want this information to be helpful, and, I do have a few questions I am gonna seek your inputs.

At an outset, here is what I liked and continue to like -

  • Not a single dysfunctional component, whatsoever! - Not even a single part failed or malfunctioned till now - Be it the sensor, wiper motor, power windows, AC, Audio unit, Automatic GearBox. Not even a bulb, mudflap, floor mats, or other rubbers needed a change due to their ability to last long
  • Engine Performance - Didn't drop one bit in the last 8 years. It continues to be super smooth and powerful enough
  • AC - The AC works well enough. Not the best in class, but it has always been 8.5/10 in comparison. Surprisingly I haven't serviced the AC a single time till now
  • Ease of Driving - A light weighted power steering always helped in ease steering through the city. On highways, it may not be as heavy as others, but one will get used to it.

Few cons, since the beginning -

  • Rear Seat Comfort - Missing under-thigh support
  • Missing Rear AC vents - Mostly to be mitigated with higher blower speeds, can get louder.
  • Float-like feeling at 3-digit speeds - Particularly in rear seats, but only on uneven roads
  • Fuel Efficiency in AT - Being a torque converter gearbox, the car used to deliver not more than 16 kmpl on highways. After a few years, I changed the tires to bump the FE by approx 2 kmph. Will elaborate on this...
  • Low Ground Clearance, when loaded - I wish I don't have to pay much attention to maneuvering through bumps, when fully loaded. Though the underbody got scratched a few times, no real damages.

In the last 8 years, I have driven about 65,000 km, which is quite less in comparison to my first car, which was a Swift DDIS. Nevertheless, in comparison, I am quite happy I moved out from Maruti to Hyundai - Maruti failed in many aspects, such as - Poor quality service in Bangalore city, high service costs (mostly ripoff), short servicing periods, drop in Engine smoothness when nearing the service interval, poor body strength, low shelf life of the spare parts, etc. I have also made a decision never to go back to Maruti, as long as I can afford others. Now, let me get back to give you more details about Verna

A bit about the Service History -

  • 1-year Service Intervals - I have always serviced 'almost' on-time, and a few times I got delayed by a couple of months. Even during the times of delay, the car never showed signs of needing a service.
  • Service Cost - The cost of Service has always been around Rs.14,000. During the times of COVID, I just changed the engine oil myself and skipped service for that year. This didn't matter coz of low usage of car

Lesson Learnt - I found that most of the service centers in the cities ripoff on regular service. I have learned that, If I can manage regular AC checkups, Wheel & tire checkups, and Battery checkups elsewhere, I can advise the service center to just do an oil service, which can lead to great savings on service cost

Other expenses incurred in the last 8 years, few not significant and optional, but its information -

  • Change to Speaker Setup- Powered by a 4-channel amp. Costed ~ 35k
  • Brake Pads - Changed once in the last 8 years and costed ~15k (Rear disc 9k and Front disc - 6k)
  • Steering Column - Missed a sharp speed bump and slightly damaged the steering column. I was advised to change coz the power steering might fail in the future. Costed ~6k
  • Battery - Changed twice. costed ~14k
  • Tyres - The tire rubber got hard with time and changed to Continental Max Contact MC 5. Costed ~28k

Performance of the Automatic Gearbox -

The torque converter is a fuel guzzler and mine is an old-school 4-speed gearbox. The gear shifts are smooth, but can be felt - Doesn't mean unpleasant experience. The trick to better FE is to keep the gearshifts to minimal. I have been told that AT gearbox will not show any signs of issues for 1 lakh kms.

Tyres - The FE on highways was always slightly less than 16 kmph, but one of the Dealer in Hyderabad advised me to consider the 'Continental Max Contact MC 5' coz if of its performance on both smooth and rough roads. Since they had good reviews online, I went for it. The side effect of that decision as an increase in FE by ~2 kmph  . When I read about it, I learnt that its coz of the low rolling resistance design of the tire.

Taking into account the overall maintenance and running cost, I would like to say that Hyundai Fluidic Verna CRDi AT is a 'value' for money spent. I used to spend the same cost of maintenance for my Maruti Swift Diesel - Lower cost, but frequent expenditure intervals. Eg - Swift's brake shoe lasts 50% less than the brake shoe of Verna. I have many such examples

I have recently been suggested to consider changing the front suspension soon, coz its wearing off. But I am also interested in knowing what could be those typical large expenses that I should anticipate spending on, for the near time future?

Would you also be kind enough and suggest me on -

  • When is the sweet spot for selling the car - Both in terms of mileage and age? I like to have a fuss-free experience in ownership and not a fan of taking my ride often to service centers.
  • Resale Value - When I checked online in carwale etc, I see that the resale value is ~ 5L to this day and doesn't substantially drop off even after an year. So should I hold on to ownership a little longer?

Here's what BHPian toyotafanboi had to say on the matter:

My brother recently purchased a 2013 Verna 1.6 crdi automatic. He bought it on spinny and the experience was pretty smooth and straightforward. The car was delivered a few days ago and seems to be in good condition, having 60k kms on the odometer. The 4 speed torque converter gearbox is effortless to use and the shifts are seamless. The owner's manual recommends that the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) be replaced every 8 years/80k km whichever is early. We went to the local Hyundai service center and the service advisor insisted the oil need not be replaced until 100,000 km. I have come across a thread here on team bhp, where a Creta owner posted about auto transmission failure on his vehicle after 100,000 km. Generally torque converter gearboxes are very reliable and need very little maintenance. But we are getting the oil replaced as preventive maintenance. The service center did not have the ATF in stock and asked us to visit next week. Will update if the ATF change results in any noticeable change in gear shifts.

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