Jeep Compass vs Toyota Fortuner Legender: The better 4x4 SUV?

The Fortuner Legender could be a better bet, considering Toyota has a service network more expansive than Jeep.

BHPian vasudhir recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


Need to decide between the Compass 4x4 Model-S and the Fortuner Legender 4x4. I have done a test drive of both (long drive, break testing at high speed, top speed, highway, city roads etc)

My take:

  • Space-wise Fortuner is obviously great and is a 7 seater.
  • Interiors I liked the Jeep and the dashboard display
  • Top speed both easily I could do good speeds and the ride was smooth.
  • Music system I liked Jeep (not sure about 4x4 Legender as it's supposed to have 11 JBL speakers)
  • Jeep - felt like it was a bit cramped (since I have been using Tata Safari Dicore 4x2 VXL) for the last 9 years.
  • High speed turning at curves - felt Jeep was more in control.
  • Will go for the Metallic Green in Jeep if I decide. Loved it.
  • Initial power - Loved the pickup of Fortuner which I missed in the Jeep.

For my needs - both meet the requirement. I will not be doing any serious off-roading. Maybe driving to remote jungle locations with bad roads which both will easily take.

Let's leave the cost aside. What would be your advice? I am confused between the two.

I have not done night driving. So how's the lighting of both?

Here's what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

They’re as different as chalk and cheese in my opinion, just given the vast difference in footprint, and only you can answer what will work for you. You can take comfort in the fact that both are absolutely brilliant vehicles so you won’t regret either choice.

Personally, I find the Compass half a size too small and the Fortuner half a size too big. This is why I am keenly awaiting the Jeep Meridian next year. I am hoping it will get more monocoque convenience but at the right size, compared to the Fortuner. I also checked out the Fortuner since a friend gave a down payment for the 4x4 Legender recently and I am warming up to the vehicle off late. Here's the link below to the Team-BHP thread on the Jeep Meridian / Commander.

Do you think you can wait for the Meridian that’s launching next year? Seems to be the perfect middle path between the Compass and Fortuner for you.

Here's what BHPian CrAzY dRiVeR had to say on the matter:

Assuming you do would do it (off-roading) on a regular basis as part of your profession - I would suggest the Fortuner. The rugged nature of a ladder frame vehicle would be the primary differentiator between these two! Another big differentiator when doing bad roads - would be those 55 profile 18-inch tyres on the Compass.

I absolutely love the new facelifted Jeep Compass, but IMHO - it is designed for the city with the occasional rough use!

Here's what BHPian TorqueMonster had to say on the matter:

I would say that instead of the Legender, you should go for the standard Fortuner with 4x4. The Compass fits your needs, but since you mentioned that you will go to remote places, I would trust Toyota reliability and great service coverage over Jeep's service and reliability. Also, since you had used a Safari before, I think it is better if you get a car of similar size, Fortuner fits your bill for that as the Compass will feel smaller. The more powerful engine is also an advantage that Toyota has.

You could not go wrong with both your choices, I suggest the Fortuner since it better suits your needs. I would say that unless you really like the styling and added features (Subject to personal preference, I did not find it much appealing, but certainly you may) of the Legender, you should go for the normal 4x4 Fortuner, which saves on money and covers all your needs too.

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