Jet fuel is now cheaper than petrol & diesel


Jet fuel prices in India have been slashed by a record 14.7%. As a result, aviation fuel is now cheaper than petrol and diesel.

Following reduction in international prices, state-owned oil marketing companies have reduced the price of jet fuel twice in the last 2 months. On December 1, 2018, prices were cut by Rs. 8,327.83 per kilolitre, which amounted to 10.9%. On January 1, 2019, jet fuel prices were slashed again by Rs. 9,990 per kilolitre. As a result of these price revisions, jet fuel prices are now at their lowest in a year.

On January 4, 2019, the price of jet fuel (HPCL) at Delhi (Terminal 3) was Rs. 46,448.78 per kilolitre. In comparison, petrol was retailing for Rs. 68.44 per litre, while diesel was priced at Rs. 62.44 per litre. In Mumbai, the price of jet fuel was Rs. 46,413.86 per kilolitre, whereas the price of petrol and diesel was Rs. 74.10 per litre and Rs. 65.34 per litre respectively.

Source: Times of India

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