Key ownership observations of my Jupiter after 6 months & 2000 km

The Jupiter scooter triumphs in fuel efficiency, with a minimum of 50 km/l.

BHPian arnav17 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The Jupiter has clocked 2000 km in the past 6 months and most part of the journey has been flawless and we are quite happy with our purchase. Elaborating on some key points below.


The handling in comparison to our Access 125 is slightly more difficult due to the weight but in all other aspects, it is easily manageable. Did give shoulder pain for a bit but now it has adjusted.

Engine performance

The initial response of the engine to the throttle is excellent and that really helped us when we were chased by a pack of 6 dogs. The Jupiter's quick acceleration helped us reach around 60km/h quite fast and we managed to escape the dogs. The engine is comfortable at speeds <40km/h after which you can hear it whining a little.

Quality of Switches Used

During the initial days, I found the switches to be satisfactory but that was short-lived. The horn switch and the starter are not the best in terms of fit and finish. In fact, I doubt how long that starter is going to last. The sound doesn't inspire much confidence when coming to life.


This is where the Jupiter truly Triumphs, providing great figures of a minimum of at least 50km/l. Would share the fuelio logistics but in between my mom got the fuel filled and the updates are missing. For a filling of 250 rupees on a nearly empty tank, you can get nearly 100km of peaceful driving. I remember reading a BHpian's post where he mentioned that the FE of his vehicle was so good and the needle refused to drop, he thought the needle was damaged. In this case, it is the screen but the same thoughts.

Fit and finish

Around 5 months into the ownership, we noticed a peculiar vibration at an initial acceleration of speeds near 35 km/h which would disappear as the speed increased. Upon talking to the service centre, they mentioned that it was a common problem across all the Jupiter 125s, but still not happy about this.

TVS After Sales Services

This is quite commendable and I truly appreciate the way TVS is handling the team. They called once every 2 weeks and after every service asking about our experience and when we mentioned the vibration problem, they straightaway asked us when we were free and scheduled a checkup before coming to the conclusion.


The lights are adequate but the bulb in the taillamp is an eyesore. Hoping to change that to LEDs soon but need to check if it will void the insurance. The high beam is practically useless, no aligning has helped and it is always half pointing to the sky. Low beam is good enough even on dark roads.


The gray colour is a dust magnet and while it looks great after a wash, if not washed for a while it starts gathering dust which is quite visible and is an eyesore. Due to Bengaluru's water crisis, I have resorted to wiping it with a microfiber towel once a week.

Other Points

  • My dad met with a minor accident where he fell off the scooter when a lady on another scooter suddenly came ahead of him. He braked hard but unfortunately fell. He sustained a few cuts on his leg and the Jupiter's Right side panel was dented the service centre wanted to replace but got the dent fixed from one of the roadside dent removers near Yelachenahalli
  • The full swipe of the speedometer is a really cool feature which I enjoy whenever I see it.
  • Being a typical Indian family, we still haven't removed the plastic covering the instrument cluster, keeping it free of any scratches.
  • The side stand sound is very loud, annoying and completely unnecessary. I like the one on the new Hero Splendor Plus, where it shows an icon in the instrument cluster but makes more noise. More convinient IMHO.
  • Around a month back, my neighbour purchased a Splendor Plus and they drove it so much that it surpassed 2000 km and beyond in less than a month.
  • The engine oil light is pretty much always on before starting and refuses to disappear.

That's it for the 2000km update, will share some pics soon. No recent shots so plan to clean it once over the weekend and get some good snaps.

Thanks for reading

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