Koenigsegg to experiment with volcano fuel for its hypercars

Vulcanol is said to produce 90 per cent fewer CO2 emissions compared to fossil fuel.

Koenigsegg could soon be offering its hypercars powered by volcano fuel. According to a media report, company founder Christian Von Koenigsegg is looking at different types of renewable fuels to power the brand's future models.

While the company will be developing high-voltage and high-energy-density battery packs, it is also looking at alternate biofuels to power its internal combustion engines. One such alternate fuel, Koenigsegg is said to be looking into, is 'Vulcanol'.

As per reports, vulcanol is said to be a version of methanol, which is created by capturing the CO2 emissions from semi-active volcanoes. The technology used to capture the CO2 emission is said to have been invented in Iceland by Carbon Recycling International.

Reports also suggest that vulcanol is said to produce 90 per cent fewer carbon emissions, compared to conventional fossil fuel. Christian von Koenigsegg also claimed that any vehicle running on this alternate fuel and equipped with the right after-treatment systems "can kind of clean up the particles in the atmosphere, while using the engine".

Source: Bloomberg

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