Largest hydrogen-powered passenger plane set to take flight

The company's first product was a conversion kit for the ATR 72-600.

California-based aviation company, Universal Hydrogen, has received experimental airworthiness certification for its Dash-300 from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to take flight. Once in the air, it will become the largest hydrogen-electric-powered aircraft to do so.

Started in 2020, this is the company's second product. The aircraft resembles the ATR's configuration and is said to utilize a megawatt-class hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain installed in one of its nacelles. Called the Dash-300 flying testbed, the aircraft is capable of carrying over 40 passengers using renewable fuel.

According to reports, the Dash-300 doesn't use a hybrid battery architecture. Instead, all the power generated from the fuel cells is directly transmitted to the electric motors, which helps the aircraft reduce both weight and lifecycle costs.

Universal Hydrogen has already completed its first taxi tests to evaluate the plane's ground handling & performance at low speeds. With the FAA certifications and ground tests done, reports state that the company's maiden flight is expected to take place in the coming months.

The company's first product was a conversion kit for the ATR 72-600, which is capable of transporting 44 - 78 passengers on traditional fuel engines. These conversion kits are expected to be certified and in commercial passenger service by 2025.

Source: Electrek

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