Lexus LS hydrogen fuel cell spotted testing

A Lexus LS hydrogen fuel cell prototype has been spotted testing in the US. The images show the car with a Toyota Mirai and a Hyundai Nexo, which are both hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The camouflaged car looks like it is based on the current LS, but the production version could be based on the LS facelift. The car could get a new front grille among other exterior changes. Changes and features specific to the fuel-cell variant are also expected.

The car is said to be Toyota's second attempt at a fuel cell vehicle. It is could be powered by an updated version of the powertrain used in the Toyota Mirai, which was introduced in 2014. The electric motor in the Mirai produces 150 BHP and 335 Nm and the car's total hydrogen tank capacity is 5 kg giving it an EPA-approved range of 502 km. This variant of the LS could get all-wheel drive as standard.

There's no word on the launch date of the fuel-cell LS. It is likely to be introduced in 2020 or 2021.

Source: motor1

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