Lexus NX350h first impressions: Sneak peek ahead of launch

It was an invite-only event to check out the vehicle, without taking any photos or videos.

BHPian kdeepakk recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

We had a sneak peek view of the NX 350h on Saturday, it was based on the invite-only and we were allowed to see the vehicle, but not allowed for the video or photo, oh man, what a vehicle it is, its one level above all the luxury vehicles in that range.

  1. New refined engine (0 - 100 in 7 secs) - mileage 14 km city
  2. New front grille and lights
  3. New Interiors (14-inch infotainment, wow it is)
  4. New Instrument Cluster
  5. New Interiors including the door handles, its button open/close, no handles inside.
  6. New Rear, its beautiful LEDs
  7. Heads-up display, new sunroof
  8. Safety features best
  9. Price range between Rs 75 - 85 lakh in Bangalore
  10. Service cost expected around 20k per service (service pack 30k km at Rs 30,000)

There are so many more things, now my mind is diverting from BMW to Lexus, LOL

All the best guys, for all the vehicles you are looking at.

Now I know how difficult it is to select a vehicle.

Update: Space at the front row is generous, and the back row is the same, no space for 3 and the legroom is cramped. This is because I am 6 feet, probably shorter people might be comfortable, but 3 in the back is still ok as the shoulders touch each other.

I thought of changing my booking from BMW to Lexus, but it's available only from May and Bangalore On-road will be around Rs 86 lakhs, which is too expensive for it. One thing I like about Lexus is reliability and service.

Feature-wise it is very rich compared to all other germans. It is worth having this vehicle if you are able to afford it.

3rd row is not for 3 for sure, if you are well built. if your height weight is normal then you can. I am 6.2 and my brother is 6.4, so it's difficult for us, also headroom for 6 feet guys is less otherwise it's a beautiful vehicle to be in.

Here's what BHPian V.Narayan had to say on the matter:

Even as a votary of Lexus and a customer who has swallowed their premium pricing I believe at this price point of Rs 86 lakhs on the road, this vehicle is priced too high. But it will find buyers. Scratching my head - hmm! is the car overpriced or has my income, as a retired grey rat, stopped growing. Everything is relative. :-)

Here's what BHPian Puneet0051 had to say on the matter:

I wish it is priced sensibly. By the looks, it's a total killer with so many colour options, interior trim options. I wonder why germans don't offer so many interior/exterior options

And I hope they are offering a Sunroof this time and not a Fixed glass roof (Is it a moonroof)

And from the videos looks like the interior is way ahead in terms of equipment, added functionality and quality

Let's hope sense prevails and Lexus prices it bang-for-buck

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