Life with my very own Drammer 935 Classic Yatch: Some sailing & repairs

I spent almost 4.5 hours sailing. Gorgeous weather. Fource 3-4, very sunny, easterly wind, so quite nippy.

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Yesterday I spent a couple of hours on Sirion with Michael. He has installed all the new Raymarine kit. So we went over all the basic functions. Michael knows Sirion inside out, as he has worked on her for many years. So he also helped me figure out a couple of other things that were not clear to me. (e.g. the battery solar charge versus 220 V inverter system).

This is what is all new. There is more, some components don't show.

Slowly but surely I am beginning to become a little confident.

I spend almost 4,5 hours sailing. Gorgeous weather. Fource 3-4, very sunny, easterly wind, so quite nippy. But with the sun and the heating on, it was very cosy inside Sirion's main cabin!!

I came across the huge floating factory. Not sure what it is, it is not a regular dredger. I think it is used to suck up sand from the bottom of the lake.

Sirion has two flagpost. One at the stern, which is reserved for the Dutch flag.

At the bow, she has a smaller flagpost. Professional ships tend to fly their company flag from it. Recreational crafts often fly the pennant from their home marina.

I could not find the flagpole to fit the one at the bow. I did find an old flagpole in one of the lockers. I took it home, to make it fit and revarnish it.

The first thing was to strip all the old varnish and reshape the end as it was too thick to fit in the flagpole holder.

I made this sort of makeshift wood lathe, using my grinding wheel and a clamp. The vacuum hose is fixed to my bicycle repair stand.

Worked well!! However, I had set my calliper to the wrong dimension, so I turned it to a too-small diameter. Luckily I found a piece of plastic pipe, cut it lengthwise and that makes up the difference once again!!

By now I am applying the 5th coat of varnish. Beginning to look pretty good!!

I have finally, with Michael's help found all relevant online documentation for my Raymarine kit. I have downloaded all the manuals. I am going to get them all printed out. I want my manuals on paper!! Not on a screen!! You would think Raymarine could afford to give you a proper paper manual, at the sort of prices they charge for their kit. But no, everything is digital and you would not believe how many different manuals are listed on their website.

This coming Monday, Mrs D and I will visit Sirion. We have invited Ad (previous owner) and Andre (broker and harbourmaster) for a little ceremony. We have enjoyed working with them. So we are going to have a little handover ceremony before we sail Sirion away to her new birth in Arkel.


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