Living with a Mercedes-AMG E63: Ownership, road trip & track experience

The car has been used regularly over the last few months, since my Octavia vRS was being repainted.

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Let me put some of my thoughts down on the forum today.

This car is a real Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I've been using it regularly in the city for the last 4 months as my vRS was getting repainted.

In the city, the AMG is super comfortable and easy to drive but drinks fuel like Devdas drinks another liquid.

The only major issue I have with daily driving is the low ground clearance. My commute route changed because there were a couple of massive speed breakers on my usual and shortest route home from my office.

The car is quite silent in the city and unless I rev it hard, most people will not give it a second look. Being a 12-year-old car also has its benefits. It just looks like an old Mercedes that someone bought for a steal.

I've seen some people give the car a second look, especially when I move away from a traffic light or something. At those times, there is a light rumble when I rev from a standstill. Those people suspect that there's something else.

I haven't been easy on the car.

Every long-distance drive is done in the car. I drive it to the airport frequently and park it there overnight when I fly out for short trips.

Last January, my Dad and I did an exciting thing.

We drove from Bangalore to Sriperumbudur, attended a track day with mostly M340is and then drove to Pondicherry.

After that, we did a coast-to-coast drive from Pondicherry to Kochi in the car.

We spent a few days at Kochi and then my Dad flew back while I drove back to Bangalore.

Both of us drove the car at MMST and we pushed the car. We didn't take it easy.

I expected my 66-year-old Dad to go a bit easy but clearly, the V8 rumble ignited parts of his brain that remembered his Rally Days in his youth.

Another time I drove to Chennai and met up with some friends and they took me for a drive on the ECR and they managed some stunning photos of my car.

I also attended a Cars and Coffee Meet in BLR where my car got to pose with its great-grandfather! The W124 E Class.

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