Maruti Suzuki Swift AMT gets stuck in second gear

We are able to shift up and down by switching to the manual mode when this happens and the issue doesn't present itself always.

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My fiancée bought a Swift Automatic (VXi) in July 2020 and has been very happy with it. Recently though, we have been facing a rather strange issue. Sporadically, the car refuses to go past/gets stuck in the second gear when in D mode. We are able to shift up and down by switching to the manual mode when this happens and the issue doesn't present itself always. There are times when the car drives just fine, even in D mode. We are about to send the car for servicing as that is due and are going to mention this issue. Any ideas from the community here on what might be the issue/recommended steps would be greatly welcome! Thanks.

Here's what BHPian abhishek46 had to say on the matter:

The suspect here could be the sensors, which detect things like rpm.

Since you are able to shift manually, the shifter/actuator assembly itself seems to be fine.

Does this problem go away if you restart the car or start/stop the car?

Here's what BHPian a4anurag had to say on the matter:

Since it is random, why not get all the wiring checked and see if rodents have entered the engine bay and spliced some wires (may not be completely cut).

Here's what BHPian Rahul Bhalgat had to say on the matter:

As the other members have suggested, get the wiring checked. When you give the car for service, they will certainly check the wiring.

Since the issue is random, have it recorded on a video so that you can demonstrate the same to the service station.

Besides the problem with wires / sensors, it could be a problem with ECU or gearshift control module (if this is a separate module other than ECU). Since your car is under warranty, ask for replacement of this module. And communicate the problem to the company in writing (email).

Sometimes the dealer / service center may deny the problem to avoid warranty claim. Hence having a video proof and a written complaint is essential. Get the email id of the company's service engineer (assigned for your city) from the service station / dealer.

Here's what BHPian Agarwal_Aayush had to say on the matter:

By any chance, your car engine bay was pressure washed and water seeped into one of the connections or connection got loose due to water pressure. Please get all the connections checked thoroughly at the MASS.

Also try to think when does this issue occur, is it while going over a speed breaker or a pothole or after standing for a long time like a jam or something with gear slotted into D. Identifying after what the issue occurs can also lead to pinpointing the exact reason of this issue and a faster resolution.

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