Mclaren working on hybrid SUV & an EV supercar for the future

McLaren is targeting a kerb weight of 1,496 kg for the electric supercar

According to media reports, Michael Leiters, CEO of McLaren Automotive, has admitted that the British marquee is working on an SUV. Without calling it an SUV, Leiters stated that they are working on a vehicle with "shared performance", meaning it will fit more than two people.

The upcoming SUV could come with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, based on a McLaren engine. Reports though suggest that the vehicle might not be a solo project, as the company is open to partnering with another automaker. Having said that, Leiters did mention that they would ensure "not to lose anything which is core to McLaren and the DNA of the brand." The McLaren hybrid SUV is reportedly expected to be priced at around $400,000.

Apart from the upcoming hybrid SUV, McLaren is also said to be developing a lightweight EV supercar. McLaren is targeting a kerb weight of 1,496 kg for the electric supercar, which is almost identical to its Artura PHEV. Talking about the EV supercar, Leiters stated, "For me, a supercar that weighs two tons is no supercar."

Having said that, McLaren stopped short of giving a timeline for either the hybrid SUV or the EV supercar.

Source: Road&Track

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