MG Comet owner shares 3 major niggles after 3 months of ownership

I think regen braking turns off when you are going downhill.

BHPian herculesksp recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I continue to use the Comet. It's been, what, 3 months now, with maybe 2K kms of usage. I charge it every 7 days or so at work, and the car has been very practical and convenient to drive. I hate the ergonomics and the blind spot of the IRVM, but for my 10km (one-way) commute, it is fine.

The seat can definitely be dropped lower (unless the batteries are below the seat) to improve visibility and it would be awesome if they were able to provide shorter stalks on the Accelerator and Brake pedals.

Each time I step into my Alcazar after driving Comet for a few weeks, it feels like I have got into a Baleno or Honda City. The Alcazar feels so low.

Oh, I don't think I have shared this one before.

Once you are done driving, you park, turn the gear to N, unplug your seatbelts, and the doors unlock! This is cool!

So basically there are three factors - Neutral, Seatbelt unfasten, and door unlock. If you activate 2 of the 3 factors, the 3rd one activates automatically.

Eg: Previously I had shown that when you unlock the door, the car automatically goes into N. At that time, my seatbelts were unfastened.

However, there have been a few niggles.

  1. The A/C sometimes turn off while driving. This happened I think one 1 or 2 days, but it did happen 4-5 times on those days. The A/C just turned off while the blower was still on. It's like someone pressed the A/C on/off the dial. I thought it was due to driving on speed bumps or potholes, but I am not able to reproduce it consistently.
  2. This one is more serious! The regen turns off very frequently when you go over a large pothole or a speed bump at a moderate speed. I think it especially turns off when you are going downhill (i.e. when the regen is working, and it encounters a jerk/shock). There is one location where it has occurred consistently - While getting down the Hoodi flyover (towards Ayyappa Nagar) in Bangalore. It's downhill, there is a speed bump at the bottom, a sharp left turn, and horrid potholes. The perfect recipe for disaster! The problem with this is that the car braking dynamics completely change. It starts rolling freely when you release the accelerator and there is no "regen braking". So you will need to be more alert and brake sooner and more frequently. After 1 minute or so, the regen re-activates automatically and things are back to normal. For this reason, I also don't like it when regen is turned off after a full charge. This happens even on my TVS iQube. I can understand that when the battery is charged to 100% there is no place for the charge to go, but the dynamics of the vehicles become so different that it becomes weird to drive. They should do something to keep the regen mechanism active while throwing away the current produced, or leaving the regen circuit open. I wonder how this works in premium cars like EQB/EQE or EV6/Ioniq.
  3. My OCD kicked up when I was once looking at the steering while turning (maybe?). The steering wheel doesn't feel symmetric around the pivot. If you see the video, you will see that the outer circle is stable and doesn't move, however the inner horn part "wobbles" around the centre. I can't unsee this now and it is very irritating.

That's it for this edition of my Comet usage review.

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