MG ZS EV refuses to start after charging, leaves me stranded

I finished the charging, unplugged and tried to start the car. To my horror, the car simply refused to start and kept on giving “HV Battery Shutoff” & “Vehicle Control System Fault”.

BHPian siddharthgarg recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Don’t even think of using the car while charging. I suffered a very unfortunate incident, which just ruined my entire day, and in fact my entire trip.

I planned to travel to Jodhpur, and took a charging stop at MG Ajmer, which had a 50 kW Tata Power Charger. I finished the charging, unplugged and tried to start the car. To my horror, the car simply refused to start and kept on giving “HV Battery Shutoff” & “Vehicle Control System Fault”. As I was at the MG Service Centre only, I asked the staff there to help, but they couldn’t do anything as the Ajmer centre doesn’t service the EV.

Then I reached out to the Pulse Hub, who connected me to the service head in Jaipur Service Centre. He suggested a few troubleshooting steps, and also guided the Ajmer Centre staff to try a few things. But, none of it worked!

Alas, I had to finally get my car towed to the Jaipur service centre. I would definitely praise the MG Pulse Hub, as they quickly arranged the tow and even provided me a free of cost cab for my remaining journey to Jodhpur.

Next day, on diaganosis, it was found that this fatal error occurred because I tried to start the car while charging, which I didn’t actually do. But turns out that I had tried to start the AC through the app before the charging had finished. This small mistake of mine converted into a huge nightmare for me.

It is definitely a huge software bug as the app should simply not allow any operations while the car is charging if this error is likely to occur. But to every owner, I would simply recommend that do not think of so much as touching the car while it is charging. I definitely think that this can’t be the only bug in the damn software, so rather be safe than sorry.

Here's what BHPian jitendraW had to say on the matter:

Talking about the bugs, within 2 days of delivery of my MG ZS EV, car's connected features stopped working. Weather, navigation, Smart drive tracking etc. stopped working. Head Unit showed "no network" for inbuilt Jio sim. But surprisingly, Jio Saavn app was working.

So this definitely was not the network range issue. Since these were not some "must work" features for me, I thought I will visit the workshop later. After 7 days, these features suddenly started working on their own only to stop working again after a week or so. I also noticed one more issue that when I started my car, the SoC showed 14% on head unit whereas actual range was around 71% (which was displayed correctly in Instrument Cluster). This corrects itself after driving a few kms.

The same issue was observed 3-4 times where the SoC will always show 14%. This time I took my car to workshop and the SA told me that couple of owners have reported the 14% SoC issue for 2022 model. They also checked the connected features issue and came to a conclusion that the T-box is going in sleep mode. They did system reset and the issue was resolved. SA spoke to technical folks from plant or head office and said that it's a bug in the 2022 model software and will require a month to fix. Until then these issues may reoccur. I am still waiting for the bug fix. And as I am writing this post, my connected features have stopped working

Any other owners in the forum who faced similar issues?

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