My BMW 3 Series GT ownership: Solving a minor sensor failure

Running has dipped since the arrival of the Jeep Meridian, but the beemer is still completely reliable and in immaculate shape.

BHPian Axe77 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Short update. The car is still under 60,400 km. Running has really dipped since the arrival of the Meridian.

The ever-annoying sensor failure hit me again recently - this time it was the front left sensor. Got the usual traction control, ABS and rear spoiler sort of failure notifications.

This happens with just too much regularity with the Beemers (I am told especially the GT although I can't imagine why the GT should suffer any more than others).

No choice but to get it changed. Cost me Rs ~14k to get this replaced. I believe they come with a 2-year warranty once replaced so some small relief on that front. But trust the darn thing to fail a different sensor the next time around.

All in all, despite these minor irritants, I still think there's plenty of value in retaining these steeds despite the minor periodic expenses on upkeep rather than spending 60 - 80 big ones to replace them with a similar or slightly better product. My usage across two cars is anyway quite limited, and the GT is still tightly built, completely reliable and in immaculate shape so I see no reason to warrant a change even now. On the reliability front, I would not think twice about driving it down to as far as Goa even at short notice, if I wanted to.

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