My BMW 330i GT: Wheel alignment after a 24-day long road trip

The car also got a couple of war scars from the road trip but I believe that for a 4-year-old vehicle that has done close to 70,000 km, they are quite insignificant.

BHPian graaja recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Wheel alignment & wash post the road trip

After completing the 24-day road trip, below is the oil service reminder. Will get the oil service done next week after the notification goes below 2000km.

Meanwhile, as the car had become quite dirty and as it was driven through many broken roads, decided to get it cleaned and & also get the wheel alignment and balancing done at NextGen Coimbatore.

The dirty car that has accumulated dirt from 12 states!

Wheel alignment being done. There was a slight misalignment that was fixed.

Car being washed. From the amount of dirt that was removed from the car, it should be at least 10 kilos lighter.

As good as new.

The car got a couple of war scars from the road trip in the form of a scratch at the bumper and a stone chip on the paint on the bonnet. For a 4-year-old car that has done close to 70000km, these are quite insignificant I believe.

That's all I have for now, folks.

Will post an update after the next oil service and maybe rear brake pads and disc replacement.

Here's what BHPian Dr.AD had to say about the matter:

Wow! The car looks great. Looks new indeed!

After seeing your car with all the cross-country dirt through last month (by the way, it looked fantastic even with all that dirt, or maybe because of that dirt), I almost did not reorganize this shiny clean car now.

Your car is indeed an amazing machine. It handled pan-India drive like an SUV. It delivered the power of a fast sedan when roads were good, and then handled bad roads with aplomb when required. And as you said, even at close to 70,000km through all kinds of conditions, it is as good as new!

If there ever was a combination of performance, practicality and reliability, then this is it! Kudos to you and your car once again! Looking forward to seeing both of you in another drive soon!

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