My Laura 1.8 TSI crosses the 69,000 km mark: Service & headlamp upgrade

I also replaced my headlamp bulbs with Lumax for the low and high beam.

BHPian saichandanraj recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I visit Carmed for all my body and mechanical work. I like their approach into mods and maintenance. Would suggest you go there as well

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Got a basic service done at 69K kms.

List of work executed -

  1. Oil Changed - Used Addinol Premium 5W-40. Qty - 6L
  2. Cabin Filter Changed
  3. Oil filter Changed
  4. AC Gas replaced

Car is running butter smooth after this.

Also ordered a Condenser Hi - Pressure sensor, which went faulty. expected to arrive this week.


Have also replaced my Headlamps (Low and High Beam) and Fog Lamps. Below is the setup I am running

  1. Lumax 4300K HID Kit for Low Beam
  2. Lumax 6000K LED Kit for Hi Beam and Fog Lamps.

The setup is AWESOME. I mean, just lights up the entire road. Hi Beams are there for flashing truck guys in the night. but the low beams and the fog are enough to take care of visibility most of the time. Uploading a video here


Upgraded my Tires to Michelin Pilot Sport 4 - 225/50 ZR17 Y.

My current tire setup was weird. I was running two 225/45 R17 Michelin Primacy 4's at the front and Accelera PH1's at the rear. These are the same tyres that were put on the alloys I bought from suhaas307.

At first, the tyres seem to be fine. I was running them fine. However, just recently, one tyre bulged (Rear Passenger Side) and I could feel the car wobbling at 140kmph, on a night drive.

Since I didn't want the suspension going kaput, I immediately replaced the same with a used Bridgestone Turanza T005, untill I save up some money.

Cut back to 14th November, and I found a deep gash on the sidewall of this Turanza tyre. I immediately decided to change all 4 tyres and hit up Madhus Tyre Center.

Mohsin was prompt in attending to my queries, and decided on getting a set of 2023 date Michelin Pilot Sport 4's. The fitment experience was great, and the job was completed in 1hr. Thanks Nikhilb2008 for giving a great experience to enthusiasts like us.

Attaching some images below. Have a look!

The set of 4 tyres

Spotted a GLS63 AMG!! Madhus Tyre center always work on some interesting cars.

Hunter RoadForce Wheel Balancing. Simulates real road conditions to gain a perfect tyre balance

The deep gash which prompted me to get the new set

I think PS4 is the only set of tyres that are Y rated, at thr price point.

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