From one Hyundai to another: Replaced my old i20 with a new Tucson

I have clocked 400 km on this diesel SUV & will be sharing a detailed ownership experience soon.

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Hello All,

After lurking in the shadows of this thread for quite a few days, I am happy to reveal that my Hyundai Tucson Signature Diesel in White, christened 'WhiteLight', has come home this weekend.

Yours truly in white with the family, and cousins.

A surreal buying experience from Dee Emm Hyundai in Gurugram made this absolutely outlier become my choice in just 5 days. While I had the Tucson on my wishlist to replace my ageing i20, it was never a consideration owing to non-committals from Hyundai and the dealerships on deliveries.

However, the stars aligned at the start of the month and I received a call on the 8th Sept from the MG Road Dee Emm Hyundai dealership about the said car's availability. Post price negotiations and booking on the 10th, the car was delivered on the 17th.

Best thing about this experience

Buying the car with no test drives, or physical lookouts. All thanks to Omkar's detailed review of the car and I was sold. The statement - "2.0L diesel engine is not just refined, but punchy too" sealed the deal for me. Thanks, mate for making all this so easy for me.

The ODO just clocked 400kms yesterday, and a detailed ownership experience is in the works. Watch out for the Whitelight's adventures, shortly.

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Congrats on your purchase!

Can you share who was the SA and what negotiations can be done?

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Congratulations on the purchase. Happy and safe driving!

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Congratulations on your new car! Happy motoring. Looks like now we are going to rapidly grow as a group and family of proud Tucson owners.

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