Overall cost & experience replacing the windshield on my Toyota Glanza

Total cost of replacement came to about Rs. 7,770.

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There had been an unfortunate incident with the car 4 days ago. While trailing a truck at dusk, I heard the sound of what seemed like a small stone hitting the car somewhere. I thought a piece of stone or some sharp object stuck on the wheel of the truck got ejected and hit the car.

Next day morning, I noticed an impact mark on the windshield with small cracks on either side of the impact mark.

Contacted United Toyota, Mangalore who arranged for a windshield and other parts needed for the windshield replacement (they were not in stock). The parts arrived two days later.

Left the car in the workshop on 12/09/22 afternoon and the SA asked me if I wished to get polishing done on the car as the paint surface had become rough due to road tar, salts, concrete dust etc, to which I agreed. The car was delivered to me on the next day.

Needless to say, the fast tag and the Third License Plate (TLP)/Windshield License plate sticker could not be re-used on the new windshield.

They removed the Fast Tag sticker and gave it back to me to avoid any potential misuse. I asked if the TLP could be re-issued and what would be the procedure, to which they said it is not really needed and the cops do not insist on it if you tell them that the windshield was replaced. Is it true or were they being too lazy possibly because of the procedure involved in the re-issuance of that sticker? Has anyone replaced that windshield sticker so far?

Cost- Windshield Replacement

Labour- Rs 1909.24

Part Charges:

  • Glass Windshield - Rs 3661.54
  • Spacer, Windshield - Rs 2.56
  • Spacer, Windshield - Rs 7.68
  • Dam, Window Glass - Rs 464.64
  • Glass Sealant - Rs 1499.99
  • Glass Primer - Rs 224.00
  • Total Cost - Rs 7769.65
  • Polishing (3M) - Rs 1662.62

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