PumPumPum: India's first Used Car Leasing platform

PumPumPum is a startup which has launched India's first used car leasing platform. Initially, the service has been launched in Delhi-NCR but the company has plans to expand to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

Monthly subscriptions range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 lakh. Just like any leasing service, the payment includes insurance, maintenance and an OBD-device annual subscription fee.

Customers can lease a vehicle for 6-24 months. The minimum lock-in period depends on the car and the period for which it is subscribed. If customers wish to return the car before the lock-in period ends, they have to pay for the remaining lock-in period.

There is also a limit on how much the leased vehicles can be driven during a month. The monthly limit is 1,500 km, beyond which the customers will be charged depending on the type of vehicle. The additional charge for hatchbacks to SUVs range from Rs. 8 per km to Rs. 15 per km. The kilometers will accumulate on a pro-rata basis for the period of subscription.

According to the company, the used cars that are offered on lease undergo a 200-point inspection. All the cars are scratch-free and dent-less. The cars have an OBD device which captures customer driving behaviour & the car's health parameters.

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