Rolls Royce re-establishes its Coachbuild department

Rolls Royce has formal re-established its Coachbuilding operations, offering its clients to commission bespoke body styles.

Rolls Royce has announced that they have formally re-established their Coachbuild department. This department will allow prospective clients to create and commission bespoke body styles to match their individual tastes.

These bespoke body styles though will continue to follow Rolls Royce's fundamental design principles. This includes a body to wheel size ratio of 2:1, a body shape characterised by three lines running across the length of the car and all models to feature the 'Spirit of Ecstasy' at the front.

The Rolls Royce Coachbuild department will use the brand's new all-aluminium spaceframe chassis, which is designed and engineered to be scalable for a range of models. The chassis allows Rolls Royce to alter the bulkhead, floor, crossmembers and sill panels to suit even the bespoke requirements of its clients.

This chassis is said to have been built from the ground up and debuted on the current-generation Phantom. It also underpins the brand's Cullinan and Ghost offerings.

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