Royal Enfield Interceptor 650: Installed AEW exhausts after 1st service

The bike feels noticeably lighter, also thanks to the lighter & louder pipes.

BHPian parrys recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took the motorcycle for the first service, exactly at 500 km reading on the odometer.

Here's how my day went - Sunday, 7th April 2024.

Serviced at Soniya Motors RE Centre in Thane. The same showroom from where I purchased the motorcycle. Booked the service appointment online. That selection allowed for a 9 am slot. Reached on time, only to note that the service centre opens only at 9:30 am. Never mind that.

The advisor who assisted me & the technician who performed all the tasks; were both, very well & soft-spoken. Heard me & my inputs clearly. Love it!

The bike was taken on the ramp within minutes after a quick trial and after filling the job card.

I think the service centre can be made to look & feel more premium (aesthetic & clean)

Engine oil was drained. I was told that the first fill is also full synthetic. The oil filter was replaced, and the air filter was cleaned.

Heartbreaking moments, to notice paint peel on a brand-new engine. The motorcycle is barely 10 days old and washed only twice.

Paint peel is seen on multiple spots. I will live with this for now, and then touch it up when time permits.

Who's willing to try these Ceat tyres to the claimed limits? Not me.

Final bill after first service. I paid INR 3,000.02 for the first service.

Then went riding down to the Shell fuel pump which is far away from home, got the tank full, and had a chilled beverage at the very neat & clean cafe housed in the Shell pump. I always prefer filling up at Shell.

Premium price at Shell, but then I have noticed that the fuel quality is so good, in the long run, your fuel filters last much more. I have also noticed that the floor at Shell pumps is well swept. Never dusty.

It was a really hot and sunny day in Mumbai / Thane today, and before heading to my friend's garage, had a mug of sugarcane juice from the same place where I would enjoy it when I was a kid.Little Things.

I made time just to get the first 500 kms completed quickly, only because I was very excited to fit AEW exhausts. These are the 102 units, finished in black.

Fixed the poorly aligned fly screen. 95% done I would say. Will try again another day.

Here's the final output. I had been dreaming about this for a year. Just read the thread from day 1. This is a love affair.

Notice the exhaust & seat angles. No sissy bar, no saree guard = weight loss. The bike feels noticeably lighter, also thanks to the lighter & louder pipes.

These AEW 102 exhausts are so neatly finished, they almost look like OEM. Also, at idle, and idling speeds, the exhaust sounds just like the stock one. Get on the gas, and you get a nice rumble. I don't plan to get the baffle out for daily use. Maybe on a long highway ride someday, I might pop it out for some distance.

There's nothing more satisfying than a shiny new black motorcycle, or a car.

I will try my best to keep it in the best & shiny state & shape for as long as I will own it.

Can't wait for my next weekend ride around the hills, listening to the exhaust, and enjoying that smooth twin. What a change this has been, compared to the KTM 390 ADV. Not rapid fast, but ultra smooth. Not angry and agile, but flowing.

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