Saved Rs 6000 as Hyundai service centre agrees to repair & not replace

My i20 Elite was back to normal in just 2 hours. I was told that they were not authorized to do such repairs and were supposed to replace the entire part.

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TL;DR: I got the EPS Module "repaired" instead of replacing it

I finally got the time last week to get the issue resolved. I'm updating the post because I saved some money on it.

So I initially went to the closest Hyundai service center near my place. They did their usual physical inspections first and then finally plugged into the OBD to check if they could find any probable causes for the same.

The following error flashed up: C1112 Sensor Source Voltage

I was immediately requested to get the EPS Module changed and was quoted around 8k for the job. I of course argued that the same issue had bothered me before and since it's not a component that is going kaput because of any physical abuse or human intervention, I would not like to pay the full price for it. There could also be a real possibility that the manufactured replacement itself is faulty/below par in terms of quality.

They finally suggested that I go to the service center where I had initially gotten the same replaced and ask for a discount there. I obliged and went to the other service center.

After undergoing the same inspections and checks again, the workshop suggested the same solution of getting the module replaced. I escalated the issue to the top brass sitting there and their final solution was that they would "repair" the module for a price of 2k.

2 hours later, lo and behold; everything is back to normal. I asked them about the repair and they didn't bother explaining it to me in much detail as to what was done. Only that they have repaired the "IC" in the module. Due to the paucity of time + the fact that I saved money on this, I also didn't go all guns blazing demanding a justifiable answer.


Interesting observation on the bill. They did not write anything related to the steering wheel. The job was itemized as "repair work". When asked, they said they were not authorized to do such repairs and were supposed to replace the component directly. However, they have given me a warranty of 6 months and were courteous enough throughout the entire process.

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