Saw the 2023 Safari Cosmic Gold in person: My one request to Tata

The striking colour of the SUV certainly caught my attention but there is a reason why I am leaning towards choosing the Dark Edition.

BHPian spaceunicorn recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I had the chance to see the car in person during one of my recent trips. While the striking Cosmic Gold color caught my attention, I have some doubts about the color of the interior.

The white/beige color of the cabin and handrails seems impractical, especially for those with children, as they are likely to get dirty quickly. Because of this, I am leaning towards choosing the dark edition.

Is Tata giving options on interior colours? Like Cosmic gold with a dark interior?

Outside colour is quite eye-catching - you have to see it in person.

The colour of the door side handrest is white - will accumulate dirt quite often.

Even the back door, handrest is white.

My humble request to Tata is to give options of two interior colours. I am someone who likes dark interiors.

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