Saw the Mahindra XUV 3XO in person: Handsome looks & superb cabin space

All other sub-4 meter cars look really cramped in comparison to this. Perhaps, the Maruti Brezza is an exception.

BHPian Col Mehta recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Saw the car in person, and it immediately strikes as a good-looking one.

The new front and rear both look handsome, but the side profile looks a little off. It was an MX5 model which does not have all the features but the space inside is just brilliant - 5 full-size adults? No problem with this car. It’s wide with plenty of leg room and the seats are supremely comfortable. All other sub-4 meter cars look really cramped in comparison (perhaps the MS Brezza as an exception). The boot space, while it is less on paper, looks quite accommodating and should do okay for a small family's weekend trip. Real-life tests will provide more insights.

But more than anything else or the looks or the feature list which this car has many as segment first (looking at you - EPB and Auto Hold which are a must-have in an AT car), I'm particularly looking forward to driving that powerful turbo engine and TC combo. I think it's a commendable move to have a TC amidst a sea of DCTs with reliability concerns and jerky AMTs. It will prove to be a better option for many who want a reliable, smooth, no-nonsense city petrol car which is equally good for those occasional highway trips. I hear the interior of the top trim can put cars from the next segment to shame. Can't wait to experience that.

The only concerns are the wonky electronics with Mahindra and their after-sales service where the Koreans shine. Additionally, the limited boot space (on paper) could be a deal breaker for those who need extra luggage space.

Will post our TD experience once done.

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