Seamless experience with my used Skoda Rapid so far: 5000 km update

The car is working as expected and the butter-smooth transmission adds to the overall experience.

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5000 km update

I thought of giving you all a periodic update on the ownership and experience. It has been a seamless experience so far, with the car and with the service centre.

Overall impression

The car is working as per the expectations with an audible grunt from the engine. The butter-smooth transmission adds to the experience. Although sometimes the overtakes need to be planned, the power delivery is more than enough for most of the time. Family is happy with the cabin space and boot space while I'm happy with the driving dynamics.

The DDPAI Z40 dash cam footage quality is good. Although the first front one stopped working in a month, it was replaced by Nexdigitron free of charge.

I'd like to give special mention to the fact that my friends who get severe cases of motion sickness in all other cars, the majority being SUVs, haven't felt so.

Major travels:

  • 3 trips to Mumbai - all involved the Atal Setu, what an amazing experience it has been.
  • A trip each to Bhimashankar and Trimbakeshwar - The condition of Pune Nashik highway has improved quite a lot with full-fledged bypasses around the major towns.
  • A few trips to Lonavala and around.

Have planned trips to Goa and Aurangabad via Samruddhi Mahamarg after summer.

Statistics (As of 8th May - Courtesy of Fuelio)

  • Overall distance covered - 5033 km
  • Average mileage per month - 1120 km
  • Average fuel consumption - 12.87 km/l
  • Average cost per km - Rs 9.87/km

The fuel consumption chart is also attached. The peaks are all highway runs while the rest are either a mix of highways and city or only city. The last 4 fills (April-May 2024) are from Shell normal petrol while the ones in Jan-March 2024 are from HP COCO Power 95.

BHPians, please guide me if the statistics look in order or if I need to change anything with my driving style, fuel or anything else. Also, I have a query about which fuel is recommended since the recommended RON is 95 and Min RON is 92 while Shell is 91 RON. A similar query would be for Ethanol blending but I suppose it's not under my control in the same way as RON is.

The upcoming change is the wiper blades change. Would anyone suggest something compatible and effective?

Thanks in advance everyone.

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