Skoda Kushaq owner surprised by Tata Harrier's good fuel efficiency

I comfortably managed to do 1000 km in a tank full. Using the same driving pattern, I get a 900-950 kms range in my Kushaq.

BHPian ashutoshb recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My late father's Harrier (2019, Manual) just crossed 50,000 kms. With no major issues faced till now, we have been more than satisfied with it.

Ever since my father passed away, during the second wave of Covid, his Harrier has largely been unused. My mother uses it rarely, once or twice a month, to visit relatives. The driver does start it for a couple of minutes every week.

For her nearby runs, our humble Nano AMT is my mom's preferred car, which is easier to park and drive around on Noida streets.

My daily run is around 70 kms, Greater Noida <> Noida. Since my Kushaq (1.0 AT) had been munching miles at a very fast pace, I decided to give it a rest and use the Harrier for a while. I drove it for around 1500 kms, for my daily commute, which is 60% expressway and 40% in the city. And surprisingly, I got a pretty good fuel efficiency.

In a tank full, I managed to do 1000 KMs, comfortably. By comfortably, I mean, never did I use the Eco mode. I did use sport mode several times. What was constant, the cruising speed was 80-90 on the expressway and I changed gears around 1500-1700 rpm, always. And I always drove sedately when the engine was cold.

Using the same driving pattern, I consistently get a 900-950 kms range in my Kushaq.

In all, I am really pleased with the Harrier, but since it's a manual, I will now go back to my Kushaq.

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